Musical Compositions

2014- 2015
PUCK: Multimedia Opera at the Royal College of Music in London (Work in Progress) Libretto by Laura
Attridge, co-composed with Benjamien Lycke
(Film cues): for more details see below concert music
Elegy, Strings Piano and Harp
Journey, Chamber Orchestra
Violin and piano duo
Cello solo
Laughing Song, for Choir and Piano
Brass Quintet

Song of Solomon, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, String Quartet, Piano,
Sinfonia, for Large Orchestra (5 minutes)
BA6m6 Bruce Almighty Cue NYU/ASCAP (3 minutes)

Aureus, for orchestra, soloists, and choir, Music and Additional Lyrics by Mahlon Berv (Book and
Lyrics by G. H. Ellis) (1 hour and 30 minutes)
Trio for viola, oboe, and harp (7 minutes) Blue
and White, solo violin (4 minutes)

Broken Bulbs, Film Score, (5 minutes)
Wind Quintet no. 1 (5 minutes) An
Ode to Lola, piano (4 minutes) Piano
Miniatures (4 minutes)
Theme and Variations for Ensemble (10 minutes)

Circus Fanfare, Orchestra (12 minutes)
Bagatelle for Horn, solo French Horn, (5 minutes)
Obsession, String Quartet and Percussion, with choreography by Madeline Gentile (6 minutes) Anguish,
inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre, solo Piano (5 minutes)

Gypsy Fantasy, Violin and Piano (14 minutes)
Unless a Grain of Wheat, Mezzo Soprano and Piano (2 minutes) The
Eclipse, Mezzo Soprano and Piano (1 minute)
Trio for Flute Cello and Piano (14 minutes)

Daffodils for Bass/Baritone and Piano (3 minutes) The Bells
for Bass/Baritone and Piano (6 minutes) Duet for Flute and
Bassoon (4 minutes)

Violin Sonata in C Minor (20 minutes)
A Walk Down Gershwin Lane- Piano Prelude (2 minutes) Atonal
Variations Based on Intervals for Piano (5 minutes)

Devastation, Concert prelude for Piano (5 minutes) Trio for
Clarinet, Cello and Piano (10 minutes)
Six Variations for Piano in d minor (5 minutes)

Film Scores 2015 (Short films)
SE10 Film Festival University of Greenwich Embrace by Elzbieta Piekacz of London Film School
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Director Gülsah Dogan Naziha's Spring Feature Film by
Eren Onsoy String Quintet Arrangement
DeathbedX2 by Jarlath Mulvaney and Benjamin Rider
Additional Music for Hunter Gatherers 3D Animation by Darren Beattie at the University of Hertfordshire
In Death by Vasilka Avramovska of London Film School
Tango Shoes by Elzbieta Pieckacz of London Film School
Sacrifice by Daisy Huang of Central St. Martins School of Art
The Little Matchstick Girl by Alvin Tan of Hertfordshire University
Cathartic Melody by Amna Levi of London Film School
A Favor by Si Ning of London Film School
Fire and Ice by Erin Phipps of London Film School
Cherrywood Cannon Rescore, Ralph Steadman
Man About Town, Ben Affleck Rescore